Seth and I are collectors of enamel pins, I pretty  much find a new pin every day I want to add to my jacket, and honestly I don't have enough denim for all my patches and pins at this point.

We decided to try out some pins of our own designs, while we usually focus on patches, pins are so easy to put on, and just have a different vibe to 'em.  We made some morbid, yet loveable, pins for you guys to add to your own denim.  Meet Cool Dude Ghost and Kissing Skulls!


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Pocket Mates

We had an idea to make patches for your pocket for a long time, and have finally worked out the kinks on how to get a patch that you could place in any pocket, without damaging your shirt.  Enter magnets!  We decided to use magnets to make these little pocket adornments.

We have lots of designs, but so far have only manufactured a Kitty and Mountain.  We are hoping to add more soon and many have already been designed.  You can expect a diver, ghost, astronaut, cloud, among other things sometime soon.

Order your pocket mates here.

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Artcrank paris

Seth had the opportunity to work with Artcrank again this year.  Artcrank is a show dedicated to Bikes!  How can you go wrong?  I love that all the pieces can't be digitally printed, so the prints look beautiful all displayed together.  This year, Seth was selected as one of three American artists to design a piece for the Velib Bike Paris art show.  His piece was printed through Mama Sauce who as usual, did a stunning job with Seth's vision for the piece.  Check out Seth's interview here to learn more about it.

If only we were able to up and go to Paris to see the show.  I absolutely love the way they set up the print display, I think this may be the coolest show installation I've seen.  

Seth's piece, titled "Spot the Art" was inspired by those Parisians that think a little differently, are a little mischievous and make Paris the unique place that it is.  Design wise, Seth was inspired by Bazooka gum wrappers.  Yep, perfect combo.

We plan on selling a limited about in the shop soon.


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