18x24 Canada National Parks Map

$ 38.00

Canada! We know how much beauty and parks you have to explore. So we made this print especially for you. Each National Park is listed alphabetically and numbered to correspond to the little mint trees so you can see where each park is. As you visit each park, you can place a gold tree sticker to mark where you've been, turning your print into a wonderful little golden forest.

-The first photo is the print framed, you have the option of adding this frame to your order for extra. See below under ADD ONS for more info.
-The list is for National parks only and doesn't include national forests or state parks. List of parks taken from the official site: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np

-1 18x24 Giclee print on 80lb archival stock paper
-1 Sheet of gold tree stickers*
*Tree stickers automatically included! You do not need to add these.
Add ons are for maple leaf sticker, iron-on patch and 25" frame.
- Free shipping to the US

PATCH - 3.5x3.5 iron-on Maple leaf Patch - $7 ($.75 less when ordered with print)
STICKER - 3.5x3.5" vinyl Maple leaf Sticker - $3.50
FRAME - Stiicks Wood frames by We Are Well Made wearewellmade.com - $35 +$5 extra shipping. These are 4 Walnut wood sticks that use extra strong magnets to stick together, leaving your print un-harmed and without holes. Can easily be taken off whenever needed.

Instructions on hanging your frame:

Instructions on flattening your print:

Includes print, tree stickers, maple leaf sticker, maple leaf patch, and Frame.

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