Sasquatch National Park Patch

$ 6.50

Where do you find a Sasquatch? In one of our lovely America National Parks of course! Bring along this peace spreading, tree loving Sasquatch on your next road trip.

3.25x4" Iron on embroidered patch

Here’s how to get this here patch onto something fun, like a backpack, shorts, jacket, or any other material that you want to stick this on. Works best on denim and cotton.
1. Heat up your iron really hot (375° F) and place the patch where you want it.
2. Place a thin piece of material like a handkerchief on top of the patch.
3. Press the iron firmly against the patch
(straight down, don’t go back and forth).
4. Allow time to cool.
*If you can, repeat from the other side of the material for extra strength. For super permanent we recommend sewing your patch on with a needle & thread.

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