18x24 Canada National Parks Map

$ 19.00

Canada! We know how much beauty and parks you have to explore. So we made this print especially for you. Each National Park is listed alphabetically and numbered to correspond to the little mint trees so you can see where each park is. As you visit each park, you can place a gold tree sticker to mark where you've been, turning your print into a wonderful little gold forest.

Frames are Stiicks Walnut Wood and can be ordered from  We Are Well Made.

-1 18x24 giclee print on 80lb archival stock
-1 sheet of gold tree stickers 

Costs: $19
Minimum retail cost: $38
Minimum order: 3

Minimum order: 3

Packaging Options:
- Sleeve only: no extra cost
- Sleeve with Mat: $1.25 extra
- Pre Packaged tubes: $2 extra

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